Wednesday, December 26, 2012

All I Want for Xmas is........

This post is late because I was sick on Christmas.  I was in bed after teaching class on Saturday, 12/22 until today.  Today is the first day I felt well enough to eat and get out of bed.  Oh, Merry Christmas!  

I can honestly say that, the last thing I need is more sewing related tools, gadgets, fabric or publications.  However,I don't have them all.  I'd like to know what sewing related item(s) did you receive for Christmas?  

Here is a list of items I would like to have, not necessarily for Christmas.  

  • I'm on the search for a replacement for my Rowenta irons at the sewing lounge.  I've known about the Oliso iron for some time, but wasn't inclined to try it.  Now I am.  

    Gravity Feed Iron

  • Gravity Feed Iron - I love a good steam iron.  I've used the gravity feed at the college and was impressed with the amount of steam it produces.  

  • Juki Coverstitch Serger - I first became aware of Juki while taking classes and teaching at Baltimore City Community College.  If i could do it all over again I would purchase a separate serger for just coverstitching.  

  • Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics - I have the Japanese versions of Pattern Magic I and II.  I was delighted to see that they both are now written in English and that they have one for knits.  

Happy Sewing, Blondell, The Sassy SEWer


  1. Hey Blondie, my mom brought me a dressform so I will be getting serious with it soon. Can't wait. Enjoying your blog. Plus I gotta go to Barnes n Noble and see what Tim has to say

    1. Just what a girl needs. I out grew my 1st dressform, LMBO! Looking forward to class starting again next week and helping you with that invisible zipper.