Sunday, April 18, 2010

Iphone Sewing Applications

I use my IPhone for everything.    It contains The Sassy SEWer's calendar, my personal calendar, contact list and I can receive emails too.  I luv, luv luv technology.  It keeps me organized.  Now I can add a fabric yardage conversion app called Yardage Calc.   Guleno Consulting, Inc. offers an application that will replace the yardage conversion chart found in the back of the Simplicity pattern book. 

When I teach You Can Make Sewing Series - Level 1 class.  My students receive a copy of a yardage calculator and I discuss how to use it .  There is so much information to remember in 
Level 1.  I don't have enough fingers to count the number of times students don't get the correct yardage for their garments when the fabric isn't 45 or 60 inches wide.  Often times, they forget the worksheet.  That's one of the reasons, we take a field trip to the fabric store.  My goal is to have each student confident about shopping at the fabric store.  

That aside, I purchased the app.  I will use it when my students leave their yardage conversion worksheet home.  I will use it to convert  yardage for client projects, both apparel and home decorating.  I will use it when a friend and I are fabric shopping and she/he needs to convert yardage.   

Guleno Consulting, Inc. also offers Fabric Calc for sewing industry professionals, such as designers and manufacturers .  With their Fabric Calc app you can:
  • Calculate the yardage needed when purchasing fabric of different widths
  • Compare fabric pricing to see the better buy
  • Calculate varying fabric widths for allocation
  • Convert yards to meters
  • Convert meters to yards
If you are a dressmaker, seamstress, fashion designer or a home sewer.  I highly recommend any one of these apps.  It's one less, thing you have to remember.

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