Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fabric Savvy- Choosing the Right Fabric for your Pattern & Fabric Organization

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One of the most asked sewing questions I get from students is about Fabric.  Students want to know what is Chiffon, Challis, Faille, how to do tell a Knit vs. Woven. Learning Fiber content, fabric type, fabric name and fabric care will make selecting the perfect fabric for your pattern so much easier.

The Sassy SEWer is now offering a class just about fabrics, called Fabric Savvy. Sewers of all skill levels will benefit from choosing the correct fabric for their garment, home decorating and craft project.
You don't want to miss it.  

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 If you're like me you have a huge stash of fabrics,  you love.  Most of the fabrics I purchased over the years are from various fabric stores in MD and around the US.  I was enamored by the colors mostly. I was buying fabric like crazy when I just learned to sew.  Now I have no room for anymore and don't know what I really have.  Therefore, I
m attempting to purge and organize those impromptu fabric purchases.  I know that some of the fabrics in my stash are no longer my style and not a good quality.  They must go.   

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To purge effectively I must organize.  I'm know that organizing my stash will allow me to:

1.  Allow to shop my existing stash
2.  Buy less fabric
3.  Make it easier to coordinate my fabrics with existing fabrics in my stash

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