Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christian Siriano @ The Corcoran

I haven't seen a person like Christian Siriano for a while. He reminds me of my gay and flamboyant friend Troy, who had great personal style. Both, true Divas. Siriano, reminds me of myself, funny, fearless and passionate about our work. I just luv, luv, luv him he is FIERCE. Victoria Beckham, thinks he's "breath of fresh air" I agree!

Two friends and I met Siriano at a book signing for his new book FIERCE Style. The signing was held at the Corcoran Museum in Washington, DC. I found out about the signing from Laura,co-founder of DC Threads. Thanks, Laura for turning me on to this event.

Most Marylanders claim Siriano as, our own. We are so proud of him and his bringing a the spot light to Annapolis and especially, Baltimore. Most people associate Baltimore with "The Wire". As a native Baltimore resident, I must tell you that there is more to Baltimore, than what you see on "The Wire.

Siriano was funny and entertaining. He began with a story about about Tim Gunn's initial disdain for him. Funny! He went on to tell his adventures playing dress up as a kid. That's how he became interested in fashion. He shared stories about his two hour daily trips to the Baltimore School for the Arts and various other personal stories.

The evening concluded with questions from the audience. There were questions about the state of fashion in DC and Annapolis. He even made some remarks about the fashion in the room. After the question and answer period, he autographed our books and took photos with us. Of, course I got mine book signed and a photo graph. Thanks Janine for joining me.  Thanks Tee, for getting a book for a sista!

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