Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sew Fun, Snow Fun - 2016 East Coast Blizzard!

Well, it finally stopped snowing last night here in Baltimore.  It snowed from Friday afternoon 1/21 about 4pm until Saturday night 1/23 about 8pm. In the end Baltimore received 29" of snow. That's equivalent to more than 3/4 yards of fabric.  Yousah!  It was awesome.  Let me explain.... meteorologists were predicting a blizzard all week.  Most people were wishing it wasn't true, I was hoping it was.  Why you might ask.  A blizzard is perfecting sewing weather.  People who sew love being stuck in the house with a sewing machine and fabric.  

I prepared like a scout.  After work on Thursday I ran my errands to the market for a few groceries, Costco for gas and a chicken pot pie, the liquor store for wine.  I chose my favorite spiced wine, Wassail from Boordy vineyard her in MD.  Wassail isn't a sweet wine.  It's a spiced red that's best when heated.  I wouldn't need to go outside for anything.  Went to work on Friday, left early around 1:30 pm. It was on.  I started with some Sassy SEWer paperwork and social media.  

Years ago I came accross these fabric inventory cards on Threads magazine's website. I've been taking my time copying the cards in various colors.  I realized this weekend that I should stick to the white cards because white displays the fabrics color and texture better without being distracting.  Once I'm done. I store 4 cards, sorted by
color  in these Martha Stewart 4 pocket sheet protectors in a 3 ring binder.

     Martha Stewart 4 pocket sheet protectors

I also took advantage of this weekend to trim some patterns and cut out patterns for upcoming sewing projects.  Overall, I must say I had a productive and darn good weekend.  If you live on the east coast what did you sew during the blizzard.  

Until next time back to organizing! 

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