Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kaleidescope! - Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wow, was I bummed out that day. Why? I made a committment to attend an ASG board meeting the same day and also had tickets to BCCC's fashion show. So I convinced myself that I could do both. A new friend and I drove to some far away county of MD for the board meeting. I'm talking, 1 hour.......1.5 hour drive, each way. I even got the President's permission to present my report early.

Well let me say, by the time I got to BCCC's fashion show. The finale had started. I wasn't happy and neither was my new friend. Nevertheless, I got over it.

Earlier this week I received this video clip from BCCC's
Program Director, Sally DiMarco. This email provided lots of inspiration for the week. First, I would be able to see what I missed, Yippie!!!! Secondly, the show was condensed into an 8 minute video. Oh, how I love technology!!! Third, it highlights the talents of the students, instructors, BCCC Fashion Design Program and Sally's leadership.

It is my goal to bring these types of classes in a condensed version, for beginner to advanced sewers. In July the Sassy SEWer is offering Intro to Fashion Illustration and an alterations class called, "Be Your Own Tailor - Pant Hemming. This class will teach you how to professionally shorten various pant types.

What did you think of the video clip?

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  1. That's what I'm talking about....put it out there. I'd just like to say to all you fellow bloggers, especially those in the MD-DC area, The Sassy Sewers Lounge is a hidden treasure. The Lounge has lots of neat stuff going on! Congratulations!