Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Association of Sewing & Design Professionals, Baltimore Chapter

I am a board member of the Baltimore Chapter - Association of Sewing & Design Professionals (ASDP), formerly Professional Association of Custom Clothier (PACC). I wanted to blog about how much I appreciate this exceptional group of women. I joined the Baltimore Chapter in 2007. I'm loving it. The group consists of some talented ladies. Often, I'm in awe at how good they are at the business of sewing. They are smart, creative, funny, inspiring, encouraging and mentors. I learn so much from them all. I'm humble and grateful to be a member of ASDP.

To give you an idea of how talented these ladies are. Some have won the Threads Challenge. Most have entered a garment into Threads Challenge. Impressive from my viewpoint. These ladies are just darn good at their sewing skills. Other members whose name you may recognize: Sarah Veblen, Rae Cumbie and Susan Khalje. All are regular contributors to Threads Magazine, operate successful sewing businesses and are skilled at sewing.

Each month I'm happy to see my fellow board members and all the ladies that share my love for sewing. Most of all, I'm happy to see my new sewing friends. We talk the same sewing language..... armscye, HBL, sloper. This month two members did presentations. Debby Spencer demonstrated how to draft sleeves and cuffs. Cheryl Evans discussed and demonstrated Fashion Illustration. The wealth of knowledge is this group is amazing.


ASDP - Baltimore Chapter Board Members

Co-President - Anna McNaught

Co-President - Henrietta Talfourd-Jones

Membership Chair - Debbie Spence

Co-Program Chair - Sarah Veblen

Co-Program Chair - Rae Cumbie

Secretary - Blondell Howard

Treasurer - Cheryl Evans

Past President - Sue Lenderking

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