Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fashion Illustrated for Michelle Obama

Seeing sketches that international designers sketched for Michelle Obama to wear to the inauguration, did my heart good. Currently, I'm taking a fashion illustration class (15 wks) at Baltimore City Community College (BCCC). It has been fun, stimulating, exciting and stressful at times, but overall great. During the class, there were times I thought I would never be able to sketch the human figure. I was reminded by my instructor that my sketches were fine for a beginner. LOL

A member of Association of Sewing & Design Professionals recommended the class. She was adamant that she could only sketch stick figures prior to enrolling in the class. Her sketches looked professional to me. I can now take the skills learned in my class and sketch designs in my head or design details I may see on clothing. Furthermore, I can illustrate the designs clients have in their heads. This class would be invaluable to those who sew for others.

From 12 - Feb 16, 2009 (6 wks) Fashion Illustration Basics with Allyn Harris will be offered at the lounge. Fashion Illustration Basics will be offered from 6-9pm weekly. Allyn Harris' career as an artist and teacher has touched the lives of countless students, and a broad segment of the general public.. Over the years, introductory and advanced classes in fashion design, color, and presentations of the human figure, have constituted a major component of his training to students at The Baltimore City Community College, G-Street Fabrics, and Syracuse University. Many of his students have since pursued careers implementing their acquired skills. Beyond the classroom, one man shows at such venues as The Baltimore Museum Of Art, and Hood college, in addition to the display of award-winning works in numerous group exhibitions in museums and galleries in Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia, have further enhanced his outreach to the public.

Academically, Allyn Harris' personal background includes a Bachelor's Degree from the Maryland Institute College Of Art and Johns Hopkins University, followed by a Masters Degree awarded by Syracuse University. Postgraduate studies were pursued at American University and George Washington University in Washington D.C., and The Maryland Institute College Of Art in Baltimore.

Join us for just 3 hrs each week. Haven't you always wanted to try sketching. Some are born with it, others like me have to work at it. Nevertheless, we all can do. YES WE CAN!


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